25th July – 5th August 2019

Preview: Wednesday 24th July 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, The Annexe | 93-95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR




Ali Mourabet – Ali was born in Damascus in 1951 and his family moved to live in Beirut, Lebanon for the greater part of his life. An architect since 1976, he has a passion for designing buildings, and as an artist, a passion for drawing scenes from Lebanon. He has had several art exhibitions in Beirut and other regions of Lebanon, as well as in Paris (1993) and Los Angeles (1988). Regarding both architecture and painting as forms of art, he is always carrying a pencil or paintbrush and continues to try new colors and techniques. As of late, he has freed up more time for painting.


In the past few years, after experimenting with different techniques, Ali ventured into painting with fresh vibrant colors, varying between simple subjects and very detailed subjects, and the result is a mesh of his geometric shapes and lines from the architecture merged with scenes from Lebanon now created in a freshly positive tone, using strong colors rarely present in his older work. The effect is always the same: bringing a nostalgic peaceful feeling to the viewer that he feels when he creates every piece.




Charlotte Frew Brown – Referencing the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, this collection of acrylic paintings focuses heavily on the vibrancy and boldness of colour, as well as temperature and movement within land and seascapes. Experimenting with scale and depth of tone, each of Charlotte’s pieces depicts the capturing of a specific moment: the intense, dripping heat of the summer; a breeze gently flowing through a cherry tree in blossom. Having been painted solely with a palette knife, the directionality of the marks contrast with flashes of gold and copper leaf creating a richness and sense of tranquility within the energetic form.





Frank Briffa Frank is a British artist born in 1947 in Suez, Egypt. His paintings have strong associations with music that he has familiarized himself to over the course of his life. Each of his works are based on pieces of music that cause a reaction for him. Composers include – Nielsen, Janacek, Mahler, Martinu, Schoenberg, Berg, Rimsky-Korsakov, JS Bach, Dowland, Bartok, Tippett, Meredith Monk and Charles Ives.


“There are already links between music and the visual arts such as a shared vocabulary, for example, composition, tonality, colour, chromaticism, texture. Some music has the ability of transporting us to another place and my paintings are based on pieces of music, which, for me, have this quality. In making these paintings I am not primarily trying to illustrate anything – I am more concerned with trying to find a pictorial equivalent to the musical language, although in some paintings figurative elements do creep in.”



Janet Bell – Bell was born in the UK and lives by the sea in East Sussex. Originally Bell worked as a textile designer completing my course my course in 1980 and becoming a member of the S.I.A.D. Her change of direction began in 1990 after having experimented using different surfaces and mediums, she decided to paint using acrylics on stretched canvases. Bell loves the vibrancy of the paints and their versatility. She has exhibited work at The Rudolph Steiner Centre, London, The South London Natural Health Centre, The Violet Hill Studios, London and the Da Vinci Hotel art gallery, Eastbourne, East Sussex.


“I am interested in the energy of colours and the emotions they can convey. I work freely and intuitively and apply the paint using a variety of techniques. My love of pattern and texture also feature in my work with layers of acrylic paint being added and sometimes scraped back revealing hidden layers and contrasts in texture and form. Although motifs from nature often appear in my work I am inspired by colour itself.”





πPaul– Paul Delannée ( πPaul ) is an artist from Côte d’Azur. His pseudonym is derived from the number Pi due to Paul’s ability to reference the number to over a hundred decimals. At the age of seventeen Paul was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, he found refuge in painting and classical music. His colours and shapes are as a result of listening to music, a neurological trait called Synaesthesia where the senses become merged allowing Paul to visualise sound.



Stefan Freitag – Stefan is a self-taught artist of Danish and Austrian decent, born in Copenhagen Denmark. In the past 15 years Stefan has experimented with both motives and messages in his art. Finding inspiration in the vibrant and at times chaotic city of Copenhagen, his style is colorful, dynamic and playful. Stefan is involved with the making process through to the frames due to his training in Carpentry; he uses raw, solid wood that gives a sharp and exclusive finish.

In August 2017 Stefan opened his own studio and gallery at Hyskenstræde 16 in Copenhagen K. In the center of Copenhagen, it is located between Amagertorv and Gammel Strand in a beautiful listed building from 1797, he has called it Galleri Freitag. The space serves as a workshop, studio and gallery.

“I never compromise with my professional integrity – you do not just buy a painting; you buy a piece of art.”




E.Erna Ucar – Erna Ucar was born in Ankara in 1979 and graduated from the Graphic Design School, Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University in 2001. She lived in Moscow between 2004-2014 and while there became deeply fascinated with Russian Fine Arts. Spending years living in Cyprus, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia, experiencing life and light in different geographies and climates, has had a great impact on her life and her art. Her paintings focus on different physical aspects of each location she visits. Erna works with colours that do not need to be in perfect harmony and uses silhouettes that remind us of her background in graphic design. She uses lattice on cotton paper with acrylic ink and pen thinner than 1mm. Subject matter aside, the main commonality of Erna’s pieces is her attention to detail and the dreamlike quality of all her paintings, whether figurative, abstract, or landscape.