Abstract Exhibition 21st November – 2nd December


21st November – 2nd December

Preview: Wednesday 21st November 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR







The Abstract exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery showcases an exciting and evocative mix of mediums and styles from painting, water and ink to graphic design.



Tim Grosjean is a Swiss artist, his collection represents the acceptation of our dark side.

He wants to communicate that we can always transform the negativity into positivity. His textured brush strokes are energetic against the crisp white canvas.




Eva Ciuti is an Italian artist working with the unusual medium of water and ink on canvas, a renewed idea of mixing colors give birth to a groundbreaking, innovative experiment.

“If water had a shape, what would it be?”

The fluidity of the water and ink makes the artistic gesture direct, prompt, extremely instinctive and fresh. The flow of colors, like a tide, slips away and ends up in a determined – but sometimes unpredictable – combination where water is the undisputed star.




Phoebe Boddy studied Fine Art at Loughborough University, she graduated in 2017. Her practice is stimulated by the environment and theories of Psychogeography; whereby she explores the psychological effects and behavioral changes one’s environment can trigger. “Collecting memories, thoughts and feelings as an archiver, it is the joys of discovery as I interact with my surroundings that inspire me. Sometimes I get lost in the process and it becomes unclear to me what particular encounters have inspired what as it all transpires from everything I have ever experienced; all that exists around me is challenging my internal processes and therefore provides an influential basis for my work.” She contrasts the fluid, spontaneous movements with other obviously deliberate and static marks to reflect the infinite variations we endure within our environment. As if contrasting the idea of chance and control; choice and fate. Her work becomes an exploration into internal and external subjects that exist through perpetual change and transformation.




Andrew Curtis studied at: Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University. He has exhibited with the New English Art Club, Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Institute of Oil Painters (winner of the 2002 Winsor and Newton Award), and the Royal West of England Academy. He has written for the Artist magazine and appeared on BBC 2’s Culture Show. Much of his work is inspired by his travels and the places he has seen. ‘It is rooted in observation but when attempting to capture what Alexander Pope called the “genius of the place”, mere topographical verisimilitude is not enough. Abstraction is a means by which one can produce work that gets underneath the surface of a subject. If I have time I will sit down with an easel and paint a conventional study or in a sketchbook in which I record what I see and make notes of my impressions of a place. Back in the studio, work begins in “translating” the gathered impressions.’




Prieta lives in Mexico and her series, “I BECAME YOU” is made up of five pieces, which work both as part of a collection or as standalone pieces. The collection is inspired by the very modern tendency to pretend we are someone we are not in order to feel liked and accepted; “I created so many faces trying to please you, that I became you.’




Vasile Sorin is a Romanian artist. ‘Art is my passion, painting is my stress relief. I want people to understand art and its beauty. Painting and making my own frames for my art work is a hobby for me. While growing up in a rural community, I have always felt connected to the natural world. Everything around me speaks to me. Fortunately, my inspiration is endless. As for painting and the process, it is both a challenge and a reward for me.’
Sorin’s paintings are a visual diary of his experiences. Each painting represents a particular moment or energy that have inspired him.





Roxa Ocampo is a graphic designer and a Digital Artist from Argentina. Studying shape and colour at University was an important step that led her to the creative space she is in now. Roxa is inspired by the different elements and textures of the world of interior design. ‘I believe that the colours transmit and display a powerful energy, once I sit down to work I let the lines that I am marking and filling with color lead me until I finish the work in a harmonious and balanced way. I think we should take advantage of all the digital technologies that the 21st century offers us and make maximum use of them, we have to see the future with new eyes.’