Abstract Art | 1st -12th February

Abstract Art

1st – 12th February 2023

Preview Night: 1st February, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Renaud C.Haslan


Based in London, Renaud C.Haslan is a French visual artist who studied at London College of Communication (ex. LCP) and graduated from Shillington College of Graphic Design. Over the years Renaud has drawn prolifically from his fascination with decay within the natural world, producing concept exhibitions both in his native Provence-exhibiting in an old olive mill-and London, with a series of immersive installations dealing with the cycle of seasons and the passing of time, which took place in the belfry of St. John on Bethnal Green church for one month over three consecutive years. More recently, Renaud’s journey through visual arts leads him to explore experimental digital photography developing a more abstract mode of expression and producing digital painterly montages, heavy on textures, which are exhibited here for the first time under the title ‘GUISANE’. This series of works was conceived on a welcome holiday in the French Alps, away from a London stifled by the uncertainties brought about by the global pandemic. Here, the artist translated his rural surroundings into colourful textural images. ‘Guisane’ is the name of the river which runs through the villages and hamlets along the valley. The word means “the water that heals”.


Shoa Malik


Shoa Malik is a UAE Based, British Pakistani Artist. She is a Graphic Designer by profession and has always been an art enthusiast and loves to paint in various mediums. Shoa’s fine art draws strong influences from the abstract expressionist movement of the 1940s Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock among others and blends her unique perspective into the style of work.

Concept: We all experience them – The Voices Within. These are derived from one’s own frame of mind in different scenarios. Therefore, the tone, mood, and volume of these voices-within varies, but they are always there. It can be a (conflicting) dialogue with oneself or even a (serene) monologue. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s drip painting style, this series of paintings symbolically reflects a few moods from these Voices Within.


John Greene


Through the digital manipulation of my photographic catalogue, I create unique and eye-catching art. I love colour, patterns, and quirkiness. I always keep a camera close at hand wherever I go to capture everything from the smallest detail of a plant to the largest shapes created by architecture. In this way, I am inspired by nature and man-made structures alike, and enjoy making unique pairings of these in my works. Using layering, I build up imaginative textures and create striking new shapes in my images. Metal: This work was conceived from a photo I took of a sheet of scrap metal, which had some interesting markings on. I like the graduation of colour from mauve to pink to blue and white. Finsbury Wall and Stow Wall: Both artworks have their origins in photos I took of brick walls. Very often, the bricks which make up walls have interesting colours and shapes incorporated into them. I harness these natural attributes and create dynamic pieces of abstract art.


Holly Robertson Connell


Abstract artist Holly Robertson Connell is pleased to present works of acrylic on canvas. These exclusive pieces are a personal expression of the artist’s emotions and experiences.

HRC’s unique use of colour, form and texture offers an intriguing display of images to be individually interpreted and enjoyed.

What do you see?


Hannah Robinett


Hannah Robinett is portraying illuminated manuscripts in a conceptual context inspired by manuscripts created in the 12th century. These historic books were used as a guide to prayer through flourishes, borders, and illustrations. Centuries have passed since their origin and the world has drastically changed since their earliest creators. Robinett’s adaptation of the manuscripts focuses on the quiet stillness of meticulous repetition. Her process begins by reading a Psalm and then determining a color to represent what that chapter conveys to her. She screen prints the page before supplementing the actual text with gold leaf. Even though the outcome of Robinett’s manuscripts differs from the ones of the late Middle Ages, the prayerful meaning remains the same. Hannah Robinett is a conceptual artist working in a wide range of media including drawing, screen-printing, painting, and murals. Robinett’s work is driven by the process of studying words, scripture, or phrases mixed with personal expressions of beauty. Her work is often minimal but far from meaningless in its execution. Robinett’s work has been shown in solo and group shows nationally and internationally. She lives and works in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York.


Channell Scott

@ abstract_artworkcs

Channell Scott is a self-taught Abstract Artist born in London, England. However, I was raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. However, my surroundings were not easy, so I used art as an escape. Growing up with Jamaican grandparents gave me a deeper understanding of my Caribbean roots and helped me with the use of bold colours in my works.

“My goal as an Artist is to continue to create unique art and concepts, that are accompanied by eclectic colours to ignite the mind and soul. I am an Artist who will always think outside the box. I am an Artist who will have you think outside the box.”


Shirin Majid


Shirin Majid (b.1974) is a British-Kashmiri visual artist and creative director of South London-based studio Everything You See Here. Through her paintings, collages, and digital works, she aims to distil complex ideas into meditative experiences that spark a moment of reverie. She has studied art and design at the New School in New York and the Art Academy in London and is currently an MA Fine Art: Digital candidate at Central Saint Martins.

Binary Worlds is a playful meditation on how we live now, living parallel lives in physical and digital worlds. Worlds in which we continually connect and reject one another. One world constructed by social codes, the other by 0s and 1s. Blending the uniform language and symbols of the Internet with the expressiveness of the human touch, such as paint drips, embroidery, pencil, marks, and brush strokes, each painting explores our current state of being.




Wreneleven is a Liverpool-based contemporary artist that loves experimenting with different mediums and techniques to create bold statement pieces. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion where she fell in love with Collage and pop art style digital artwork. Currently, her intuitive Abstract painting is the focus which expresses her spiritual journey of breakdown, breakthrough and integration. Previously Wren exhibited in 2020 at the Elizabeth James gallery in London.


Marcello Muiesan


Marcello’s story as an artist combines six months at the artistic lyceum of Bologna, some graphics courses at the Central Saint Martins in London and being co-owner of a web and graphic design agency.

Painting came recently to fill an emotional hole following the separation from his greatest love.

In his works, Marcello combines different techniques creating abstract paintings that mainly reflect his moods, emotions, and feelings.

What drives Marcello to paint, is passion, aesthetic taste, and the need to express his creativity.

The paintings come from the “Heart and soul” series which describes the artist’s journey through pain, strength and emotions that accompanied him through the pandemic.



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