Abstract Art & Contemporary Painting 8th-19th December



Abstract Art & Contemporary Painting

8th – 19th December

Private view

8th December 6pm – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Marie Lenclos @marielenclos_painting

Marie Lenclos is a French artist living and working in London since 1995. Her strong figurative urban landscapes focus on the lines, light and colour of familiar streets near where she lives and works, in Loughborough Junction, South-East London. Lenclos studied at Camberwell College of Art and the Royal College of Art in Communication Art and Design. She first developed her personal view of the city by working as a freelance documentary filmmaker for around 15 years. She got used to ‘framing’ things all the time, even without a camera. Walking around she would suddenly see something and think: ‘this would make a good shot’. Since returning to oil painting 6 years ago, she sees something and thinks: ‘there is a painting in this’.

Lenclos’ paintings capture a moment of light or a composition that she happens upon in the course of her day. The result she’s looking for is a unique stillness in the urban spaces and architecture. Her paintings are like long exposure photographs, intensifying colours and removing traces of people and activity, allowing the observer to contemplate the interplay of colour, light and form in the physical environments we inhabit. Some viewers report an experience of calmness, of warmth, of serenity, whilst others feel a sense of unrest and anticipation.

Laila May @art_by_lailamay_
Laila May is a British, self taught Artist living and working in the UK. Her collection of work ‘Utopia’ is strongly influenced by the mental healing element provided by the colours in which nature glows.
Laila wants this collection of art to make your mind feel at peace with the gentle, intuitive brush strokes and textures formed on each piece. The Quote “Nature is our healing” was a constant throughout putting paintbrush to canvas.

Phil Bower @phil4bower
British born in Kent & grew up in London.
“My work has appeared recently on magazine covers, a TV advert, on Club walls & a very well-known company board room wall mural, various shows at events around the Country & sold worldwide through my website & Galleries.
I studied Art & Photography after leaving School, but soon found myself in a career for the NHS after a summer job went too well!
At the turn of the 2000’s I decided to fulfill my dream & travel Asia on a motorbike, 7 years later I returned to the UK & my Art life had been rekindled. Now I paint what makes me happy & what I would like on my own walls. Inspired by my Love of Mid Century Art, design, music & Fashion. This recent collection shows the feeling of freedom around the water & how Travel used to feel so glamorous & lounging in & around the pool & water would be a time to show this.”

Ava @ava__artwork

Ava is an abstract, fine artist and visual designer from London. Ava uses her design experience to create aesthetic chaos in a controlled and graphic form.

The two pieces explore an arrangement of dynamic brushstrokes blended with intricate colour palettes. I want the viewer to feel a sense of energy and movement within each piece. Both paintings portray the tension between chaos and order. Each presents complex formations of paint that sit within a minimalistic space.

Berta Santos Solé @bertasantossole

Lives and works in Madrid.

While finishing his Fine Arts degree at the Complutense University of Madrid, won the call for plastic artists and curators with a project exhibition at the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid (2016).

After graduating in 2017, he decided to dedicate himself to working intensely on his work and presents different awards, obtaining an Honorable Mention in the Ibercaja Young Painting Prize 17 (Zaragoza) or being selected for the exhibition at the City of Alora Painting and Sculpture Contest (Malaga) in 2018.

He completed the Master of the Art Market and Management of Related Companies at the University of Nebrija. After completing the master’s degree, he began to work as an art manager and art advisor, combining his work and his artistic career in a studio in Carabanchel.

This 2021 he has participated in CREAVA 21 as a guest artist. He has participated in the IV MundoArti Virtual Museum and has been selected to be part of the group of works on the web platform of the Arte Non Nahi project, in addition to a solo exhibition at the Gurriaran Gallery in Madrid scheduled for December of this year.

“As an artist, I use matter and color, achieving a synthesis between the two: the color adds and gives strength to the message; matter brings another dimension: a depth, a wealth of tones and nuances, something that could not be achieved by no other means. Testing textures and mixing colors, I create a mass of color that reveals the base, the skin, as if the heavy and homogeneous surface could not cover the flashes of different colors that appear timidly between the errors and cracks in the work.”

Nicola Kevane @nicolakevane_art
Nicola Kevane paints in oils, acrylic and ink, creating the form and movement of equestrian themes, local wildlife and farm animals. She is based in the North Yorkshire countryside.

Nicola Kevane’s paintings are inspired by the country sport artists of an earlier age whilst being very much of the present. Nicola’s paintings have a natural, peaceful presence in her rendering of colour, juxtaposted with the vitality and dynamism of her subjects.

Charmaine Chanakira @chanakirasan
I am Charmaine Chanakira, a London based abstract painter but I was born and briefly raised in Zimbabwe. I moved around a lot growing up, so navigating my identity had always been an issue for me but at the tender age of 27 I discovered that I’m not just one thing, I am all and none. I am self-taught, with no formal education in art or illustration and my artwork is generally generated by impulse and emotion. My current collection is inspired by my experience as a black/ Zimbabwean woman living in the UK. Coming from a Zimbabwean background, I have always found it difficult to open up and talk about my feelings and experiences. The idea of therapy and seeking help for mental health and social issues was very taboo in my community which made it very hard for people like me to get any help and support. Having felt like this for most of my life, I want to challenge the perception of the black experience and mental health by creating a collection that opens up a dialogue about being black in the UK.

Marek Borkowski @marekborkowski9
Marek was born in Poland and is permanently living in United Kingdom.
Marek has been an artist and or creator for most of his life, sometimes creating another time lost in the world searching for something he didn’t even know.
Marek’s paintings are in privet collections in United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and other European countries.

Marek is an expressionist artist, exposing and or expressing the complexity and dysfunction of heavily conditioned, often traumatized, deeply suppressed and overflowing mind. Since his mind is open it absorbs others feelings including psychic energy. The exposure and or expression is not only about his mind but it is to express the society mind. Marek’s painting is spontaneous and effortless, often he feels he is guided by the unknown, some mystical sources and or energy. Each painting is an expression of emotions and or energy present at the time of creating a piece of art. Some of his works represent a few emotions others are much complex and deeper with layers and layers of emotions blended with psychic energy.

Most of Marek’s paintings are Untitled because, he says: no words would ever describe THAT, instead he invites viewers to deeply connect with an object they look at and see or feel THAT.

Mala Hassett @malahassett
Mala Hassett is a contemporary British artist living and working in Dorset. A native of Mumbai, India, she lived in Switzerland before settling in the UK. Mala’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and is a part of private collections in Switzerland, South America, Scandinavia and UK.

As a migrant from India, Mala’s memories have often been a source of comfort, joy and at times melancholy. In particular, she continues to miss the vibrancy of India.This dramatic change in cultures resulted in a deep longing for colour. For her, the form is just an excuse. Using a limited palette, she finds innumerable nuances by applying a multitude of very thin layers of paint, creating depth, texture and glowing colour.

Sean Geer @seangeerart
Sean Geer is an American, Visionary Artist based in Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree (BFA). As a child, Sean grew up with a natural penchant for fine arts, first being documented in Elementary School and the local newspapers for illustrating a series of artwork based on African- American poems. After excelling in Art class in High School and being accepted to The Savannah College of Art and Design with his portfolio, after graduation, he relocated to Los Angeles where he has participated in numerous group art shows in Los Angeles and New York City.

As a Visionary Artist, through intricate patterns, my work is intended to reflect a beautiful, dynamic, geometric, ever- changing, conscious, and intelligent design that permeates through all life; a living, breathing source of energy that vibrates, connects all matter and works unseen between the empty spaces of all form. We live in a busy, mercurial society of growing impersonal interactions where technological advancement is more relied upon, impeding on our connection to spirit, and so my work seeks to be a return to spirit consciousness, a maintaining of balance, centeredness, and a remembrance that all is divine, even within a chaotic environment and society.


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