Art in Mind | 3rd – 14th July


Art in Mind | 3rd – 14th July

Preview Night: Wednesday 3rd July, 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Open: 10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm Sunday



Nush Wadia
Mattieu Fernandes
Patrick Hromas
Vincent Lee
Chiaoart Artists Group
– Yi-Chiao Chen
– Chia-Yin Lin
– Hsiao-Ching Chen

Nush Wadia


Nush Wadia is a designer/visual artist from Mumbai, India. 

His work spans across design, sculpture, and photography, focusing on themes of identity and the shared relationships of people, the objects they use, and the spaces they occupy. 

The works displayed here are part of multiple photo series documented over several years. From landscapes in the foothills of the Himalayas to the by-lanes of Mumbai, the photographic prints explore my evolving relationship with the environments I have found myself in. In some ways these works can be read as self-portraits, representing an internal landscape of emotions through physical context.

Matthieu Fernandes


After working for +15 years as a brand designer with tech/finance companies, I’ve decided to go back to my first love: art creation. Founder of Bear Design & Art, I’m a French-Portuguese Artist based in London. You can have a look at my artworks on my website This selection of paintings, photos & drawings, explores my creative view within cinema, portraits, travels, and body studies.

Patrick Hromas


Patrick Hromas received his B.A. (Visual) from the ANU School of

Art & Design, 1996. He participated in a student exchange program:

ENSBA, Paris, France for 5 months, in 1995. In 2022, his

paintings were shown in The Holy Art Gallery “ETERNITY” UK.

Patrick’s artworks are in the two national collections, as well as

private collections.

Ferguson Road (Well, you kept paying me elaborate compliments the whole evening):

The starting point for the artwork was the fat black and white

image of ‘Roi’ or King from “Ubu Roi”, as played on stage in Paris

by a costumed Alfred Járry, who also wrote this, the first Da-Da

play, that premiered in 1896, the background being a short street

in Sprimgwood, with a lotus mural. 

Demographic: This experimental surrealist,

postmodern, drawing and collage with an undercoat of white

gesso with shadows painted in brush and ink was completed in


Distorted Kick: This drawing was inspired by a Dr Who episode, but which

one, I’m not entirely sure. A nude woman of tall stature in fine,

knee-high boots kicks herself free of something. A grudge, a droid,

a previous relationship, we cannot be sure, yet by her smile, and

open mouth, she enjoys the action.

Vincent LEE Mang Hong

Born in Hong Kong, Vincent pursued an MA in Visual Arts at the University of the Arts London. Throughout his artistic journey, he has passionately focused on raising awareness about the critical issue of animal extinction.

Vincent’s diverse body of work encompasses a range of mediums, including mixed media, sculpture, and illustration. These powerful pieces serve as a rallying cry, stirring viewers to reflect on humanity’s impact and the urgent need for conservation. He has actively participated in exhibitions in prominent cities like London, Milan, and Hong Kong, sharing his impactful message with wider audiences.

Presently, Vincent continues to devote his time and talents to sculpting, giving physical form to the animals and ecosystems he champions. He has also found fulfilment in sharing his expertise through an educational career, passing on his artistic skills and ecological insights. Through his multifaceted practice, Vincent stands as a compelling voice for wildlife conservation, using art to drive awareness and inspire change.


Yi-Chiao, Chen 


Yi-Chiao Chen is an Artist living and working in Taipei, London. Her artworks are concerned with mother and child, and abstract subjects in line, colour, and nature, Yi-Chiao finished her MFA at the University of Arts London in 2020 and developed her artworks. She established her art studio in Taipei in 2021. An emerging artist, Yi-Chiao pushes the boundaries of painting techniques and explores different combinations. Most notably, her works are chosen for and exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery and reviewed by Waldemar Januszczak in The Sunday Times in 2020.

Chia-Yin, Lin


Due to my sensitivity and extreme emotions, I went to learn areas that are the realm of body, mind, and spirit. From the study, I was inspired by the Aura soma oil bottle.  When the oil bottle was shaking, the changes caused the light, shadow, and bubbles, produced by mixing oil and water of various colours showing the fleeting, dividing, and fusion. 

This makes me connect the Buddhist philosophy of impermanence. The two materials with different colours and different boundaries, oil and water broke the frame when shaking to produce different colour images. The thoughts that came out of nothing during meditation when I felt uncontrollable fluctuations. I realised that the reason why I suffered, the reason is that I did not want to accept impermanence. My works are created to capture my ongoing emotions.

Hsiao-Ching, Chen


Having been engaged in art education for many years, I have found most people believe that creating figurative art requires more advanced skills than abstract art. In my view, when I work in the field of artistic creation, I believe that abstract art is originally a product of another time and space. However, in order for the three-dimensional viewer to experience it concretely, it is necessary to use media that can be sensed by the three-dimensional body for creation. 

To me, abstract artworks exist beyond time and space. Through the creation of abstract art, I am able to sort out emotions, feelings, subconsciousness and other things which are elusive in the third dimension. Therefore, through viewing or creating abstract art, I can touch my deep inner world as an individual. It is as if an invisible hand which is stirring up, reorganising, and reviving various substances deposited in my subconscious. In these works, I intentionally broke some of my existing colour habits and tried new ways of stacking colours and textures.

 During the production process, I felt my body was in a dancing state as if almost the whole time. When I observed it from all directions of the picture, I found I was stacking textures or colours in inexplicable positions. This creative mode often brings me to the surface of things in my subconscious that cannot be expressed in words or concrete images, and it becomes an alternative way of communicating with the outside world. If you have the opportunity to view my artworks, you may stay for a while and savour the colours, textures and layers. I hope it can also trigger deep fluctuations in your heart and explore another time and space.


Art in Mind Exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery: A Celebration of Contemporary Creativity
The Brick Lane Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of its much-anticipated “Art in Mind” exhibition, set to run from 3rd to 14th July. This dynamic showcase brings together a diverse group of emerging and established artists, offering a unique platform for contemporary creativity.
The “Art in Mind” exhibition features a stunning array of artworks, ranging from vivid paintings and to thought-provoking artworks. Each piece has been carefully selected to represent the artists’ unique visions and creative processes, promising visitors an engaging and immersive experience.
“We are excited to present this eclectic collection of contemporary art,” said Tony Taglianetti, Gallery Director at Brick Lane Gallery. “The Art in Mind exhibition not only highlights the incredible talent of these artists but also provides a space for dialogue and reflection on the diverse themes and ideas explored in their work.”
The Brick Lane Gallery has long been a champion of contemporary art, and the “Art in Mind” exhibition continues this tradition by providing a platform for artists to share their work with a wider audience. The exhibition also underscores the gallery’s commitment to fostering artistic innovation and supporting the creative community.

Visitors are invited to explore the exhibition during gallery hours, from

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm Sunday. Admission is free, and all are welcome to attend.

For more information about the “Art in Mind” exhibition, please visit our website or contact
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