Contemporary Painting & Art in Mind Exhibition

Contemporary Painting and Art in Mind

5th – 16th December 2018

Preview: Wednesday 5th December 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA | UK, E1 6HR






The Contemporary Painting and Art in Mind exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery showcases an exciting and evocative mix of mediums and styles from emerging local and international talents.


Bakeel Shams Addin
started his career in his native city Sanna/Yemen in the 90s.

Ideally located at the time where his experiences lead him to begin training at an international school

that introduced him to a multidisciplinary mixed media environment, where he was able to grow creatively at an authentic pace. He went on to manage his work and client campaigns after securing a stable position with some multi nationals that enabled him to translate a wealth of ideas.

Some advertising protagonists where quick to snap him up to become part of an encouraging range of projects, that allowed him to fully thrive with his Love for Arabic Calligraphy, where he is very hands on and proficient. He integrated his work for many clients from Sports to Charity and business development agencies whilst putting a Stamp on his ‘Unique Edge’ work for Brand Identity and Design. It is in Egypt where he found that his effective tool to communicate was actually something he wanted to persue as a CALLIGRAPHER/Artist. Doha/Qatar gave him the Opportunity to see it through to this current point, where he is currently based with his family and Bakeel Studio.

He is Interested in working with other Artists on Collaborations in the City and feels very Privileged to be part of The ‘Art In Mind’ Exhibition, Hosted by ‘Brick Lane Gallery’ in London.

The Work is a Reflection Of his ‘JOURNEY’ so far……


Kaamila Tahseen is a fresh new artist born and brought up in India. She has moved to London to pursue her dreams. She calls herself a naive artist who has learnt her artistic skill-set by herself. She believes that painting is a way to display the random thoughts running through her mind to the outer world and most importantly to herself. Tahseen believes ‘Indulging in art helps you out of your stress and takes you to the world of imagination and wonders.’ She intends to continue experimenting with colours as there is no end to her imagination


Mihaela Dulea is an Eastern European rooted artist with decades worth of experience in painting and graphic design who lives between Bucharest, Romania and California in the United States. An UAP 2000 awarded Graphic Designer that graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Mihaela has developed her skills throughout the years as both a graphic designer and illustrator, and an independent painter.

Her neo-impressionistic as well as the unique blending expressionism and abstract figurative paintings were exhibited across Europe and North America with special mentioning at the Biennial Ann Metzger in St. Louis and ArtBox Projects 1.0 NY, Chelsea, Armory week.

‘It was quite an astounding feeling to paint the Mermaids. This reflective study of space and shape expresses the emotions and memories veiled in gray that flashed in my mind the time, for a fraction of a second; I was swallowed by the Pacific Ocean. Aligned with the duality of these mythological creatures, as the first figure seemed to want to break out of the canvas, the second, reversed, brought her into equilibrium.’


Anastasia Karandinou is an architect and artist. She studied architecture in Athens, Eindhoven and Edinburgh and worked with architectural practices and as a free-lance architect and designer. In the Athens School of Architecture (NTUA) she studied drawing and painting with Professors Sotiris Sorogas, Vasso Kiriaki, Dimitris Sevastakis, and Vana Xenou – a few of the most distinct contemporary Greek artists. Karandinou has taken part in group exhibitions in London, Athens and Edinburgh. Her interactive installation ‘Athens by Sound’, after successful competition entry, represented Greece in the Venice Biennale of 2008. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of East London; ‘I enjoy immensely teaching and researching in the areas of architectural design, interiors, urban design and digital media, and working on interdisciplinary research and design projects.’My drawings attempt to explore the notion of nearness and immersion in a city/ a place/ an atmosphere, and at the same time the notion of distancing. My attempt is to construct a very specific and precise atmosphere – and at the same time reveal nothing of the actual physicality of that place.You wake up from a dream and you feel like you can describe every single detail of the whole story; and that very moment you remember nothing.’



Matthew Mifsud Matthew Mifsud was born in Luqa, Malta. He attended the University of Malta where he read Chemistry and Biology. After a brief stint working in the pharmaceutical industry, he moved to Edinburgh where he completed a Masters in Creative Advertising. Moving to London, he started his career as an art director at various ad agencies, where he was involved in the rebranding of easyJet and relaunching British staple brands such as Pukka Pies and Vimto. His work in advertising heavily influences his current style. He also did a brief stint at the Royal National Theatre as the deputy art director. He has been involved in several small exhibitions, but his most recent one sees him exhibiting at the Royal Academy as part of their Summer exhibition.



Noizybutpurple is a Zurich based new media and street artist who studied art, design and media at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. What makes her art extraordinary is that it is always closely connected with new technology such as NFC and also her so called aliens she is drawing on her iPad. Each alien is unique and has its own story, so that everyone can find an alien with whom they can identify the most. This way her art can also be experienced on a personal level. The aliens are best known from her street art project DidYouFindMySticker where she uses NFC tags to add an additional level to the stickers so people can interact with them. For now the stickers can be found on the streets of Zurich, Heidelberg, Shoreditch and Camden Town.
If you find one you can scan them with an NFC-enabled mobile device and a website opens with a short story about the just found alien. But now you are not only able to find those aliens on the streets, you can also find some of them in selected galleries such as The Brick Lane Gallery. The aliens are exhibited on acrylic glass prints. Just scan their name tags with your mobile phone to get to know them a little better. This way you can experience a new and exciting way to interact with her art. Noizybutpurple’s work is innovative and represents her unique point of view of how the future of art exhibitions should be – interactive.