What is the Brick Lane Gallery?

The Brick Lane Gallery is a rentable exhibition space, offering emerging and established artists a platform for their work to be displayed, viewed and appreciated in a professional gallery environment.


What are the benefits of exhibiting your work at The Brick Lane Gallery?

Artists are given an opportunity to display their work in a professional and established gallery environment in a busy area of London. Artists also benefit from 0% commission meaning they take home any profits from the sale of their work.


What is the process of exhibiting in your gallery?

Our group exhibitions consist of themes including Abstract, Contemporary Painting, Portraits, Art in Mind, Landscape, Photography Now and Works on Paper. If your work is suitable to one of these themes and you would like to participate, you can email some images of your work to info@thebricklanegallery.com to discuss potentially exhibiting.


Can I hire your whole gallery?

Both of our galleries are available for gallery hire. All of our gallery hire information can be found at https://thebricklanegallery.com/gallery-hire-london

Our galleries are available to be hired for all needs including pop up shops, events, art exhibitions and more. Floor plans are available upon request.


How long do exhibitions last?

Our group exhibitions last two weeks however we take away 2 days for install and take down so the work is on the wall for a full 12 days in total. Solo exhibitions last a minimum of one week.


I am an international artist and do not live in London, can I still exhibit?

It is not necessary for artists to travel to London to exhibit with us. If you live far away and want to exhibit with us, all you would need to do is get your work delivered to us and we take care of the rest.


How many artworks can I fit in my 3m, 6m or 9m space?

The amount of works you are able to fit in your allotted space depends on the size of your work, we do not double hang artworks over 50cm in height, if your work is larger than 50cm in height it can only be hung in a single row. 6m or 9m spaces are recommended for artists who have a large body of work.


What are your wall heights?

Our height of our walls are 2m 80cm.


What is the fee for a group exhibition?

For a 3m space in a group exhibition the fee is £660. For a 6m space it is £1,320 and for a 9m space it is £1,980.


What is the fee to rent the whole gallery?

The fee for standard gallery hire is £3,600. The ‘Full Package’ is £5,400. The breakdown of costs can be found at https://thebricklanegallery.com/gallery-hire-london


Do gallery prices include VAT? 

Yes, all prices include VAT, if you are VAT registered we can provide you with an invoice to claim your VAT back.


How do I pay for an exhibition and can I pay the fee in installments?

You are able to book & pay on our website at this link: https://thebricklanegallery.com/book-now

Or you are also able to pay over the phone or by bank transfer. Bank details can be sent to you via email.

50% of the fee is required to secure your space. Your space is not secure until payment has been made. For a group exhibition, you may pay in two installments of 50%, the 1st installment must be paid as soon as possible to secure your space and the 2nd installment must be paid one month before the exhibition. If you are renting the whole gallery, you will need to make a 50% deposit to secure your hire, and the remainder to be paid one month before the exhibition + £500 security deposit which is fully refundable once the gallery is returned to us in mint condition.


Can artists help with curation/installation?

As our gallery team will be hanging multiple artists at once, we politely ask artists to leave the installation to us. However, you are welcome to leave us with a layout showing us how you’d like your work to be hung.


What services are included in your fee?

If you are participating in a group exhibition, all of our services are included in your one off fee. Our services include curation, installation, opening night & free bar, promotion online, flyers, mailing list to 60,000 recipients, artwork sales.


Does the gallery print/frame my work for me?

The gallery does not print or frame artists work for them, as we do not have the facilities to do so, we are happy to recommend you companies to use if you need it.


Do you accept prints, or only originals?

We do accept prints.


Does the gallery organise or pay for my shipping costs?

Artists are responsible for the organisation of the shipment of their own artwork; the gallery does not cover costs of shipment.


Are there costs associated with entering the country? (Taxes, fees, etc.)

Yes, there may be some import duties to be paid. This is also the artist’s responsibility as it is part of shipping costs. The courier service you use would give you the amount to be paid once customs determines it.


Do you package the art up safely for return?

We will safely pack your work in the packaging it arrived in and it will be ready for collection the day after your exhibition ends.


Do you take commission?

We take 0% commission on any artwork sales. All proceeds that artists make from artwork sales during their exhibition are returned to them at the end of the exhibition.


Does the gallery price my work for me?

It is up to artists to decide how much they would like to price their work for, however if you need us to give you some advice we are happy to help.


Who chooses the work that I exhibit?

Artists are responsible for deciding which artworks to exhibit in their exhibition, however if you need some advice, feel free to send us some images of your work via email and we can help you with your decision.


What promotion do you do for the exhibition?

We post on all of our social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, create individual promotional graphics for each participating artist and post on social media, we create exhibition flyers to hand out on the street & to visitors of the gallery & we send a mail out to our 60,000 recipients.


What is the footfall of the gallery?

Our gallery attracts around 50 persons a day and is busy on the weekend as we have the Brick Lane market & Columbia Road market nearby.


What is the nearest tube station to your gallery?

The nearest tube stations to our gallery are Shoreditch High Street, Bethnal Green and Liverpool Street.


Will the work be covered by your insurance while it is in the gallery?

No your work will not be insured, however feel free to buy special coverage for your works for the duration of the exhibition. We are happy to advise on insurance brokers if you would like to take out individual insurance for your works.


Is the gallery open 7 days a week?

We are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.


Can I invite people to the opening night reception?

Yes! You are welcome to invite as many people as you like – it is an excellent opportunity to bring your contacts together and meet new ones.


If you have a query that hasn’t been answered here, contact us by email at info@thebricklanegallery.com or call us on +44 (0) 207 729 9721