ABSTRACT ART, 23rd October – 5th November


24th – 14th November 2018

Preview: Wednesday 24th October 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.


Lorraine Willis | Mark Baker | Andy Jouan | Ruud Lening | Neville Cooper |  Andreas Bohlin | Rachel Villari | Elisa Martinelli | Nadia Cardinale | David Childerhouse  |  Sabrina Kiswaka





Andy Jouan after having a strong creative streak since a very young age and a “real feel for music”, it was whilst living in Battersea, London that he found an added string to his bow, spending time with artist Nick Malone and London Art Classes in Deptford.

As an abstract artist using acrylic on canvas he hopes to encourage the viewer to explore how the art makes them “Feel” rather than having a single point of focus.

Expressing his soul’s connection to the greater creative force around us, He hopes his authenticity, openness to creative technique and organic expression will attract a wide audience looking for expressive pieces.



Ruud Lening is a Dutch abstract artist working out of his studio in the village of Sommelsdijk., The Netherlands. Having experienced highs and lows in his life, he strives to create artwork that speaks to my audience about temperamental thought patterns, chaos and beauty. Although his artwork appears to be chaotic, they are born out of rhythmic, almost cathartic, mark-making.

By using a variety of one-use recycled materials as tools, Ruud endeavours to have an additional commentary on waste and re-use. He actively addressess this problem with his own personal use of plastics and one-use throw-aways. These are redeemed and given a new life as implements with which he creates his loose, organic artworks. Multi-layers of paint are applied to canvas or paper and take days to complete. His palette of primary colours enables him to create bold vibrant works while his paint application facilitates energy and spontaneity.





Andreas Bohlin lives in the forrests in the south west of Sweden. Andreas is educated as a blacksmith and an iron sculptor and still uses metal as one of his main materials although he has mainly been working in clay and stone in recent years. Andreas is fascinated by the ability of the subconscious and often inspired by dreams, misunderstandings, or things he sees that he interprets wrongly, like trees in the mist, or things moving in the corner of the eye.

The work is very intuitive often using pieces of scrap metal and he starts to bend and hammer on it without knowing what it will end up as, after a while he can see the direction and keep on processing it until some kind of personality and story appears within the piece. Afterwords Andreas looks at what his mind and his hands have produced and through that he is trying to understand who he is, and how the world around him is working. For this exhibition Andreas has made a series of birdlike caracters which are hammered from sheet metal and copper sheet. The sculptures have been treated with household chemichals, vinegar and amonia to give them their colours.
”Maybe they are telling me that I am finding my wings and getting ready to fly. ”

https://www.instagram.com/Andreas Bohlin





Elisa Martinelli is 29 years old and lives in Italy.

She graduated in interior design at the academy of art in Brescia.

“Nowadays, I ‘m a personal designer, I work in a design studio in Italy and I love my job!

I’m also an artist, I love the abstract art and the infinite creativity that can derive from it. I wake up in the morning and I have to create, creativity is the key word for me!

My paintings are the expression of my life and my dreams, when I paint I fly in a positive dimension and I forget the reality around me.”








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