"Water Awareness"

The Brick Lane Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by French artist Sandra Menant entitled "Water Awareness". Bringing together a series of paintings exploring the theme of Water, the exhibition aims to raise awareness and funds for the charity Wateraid. Through years of travelling to Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and lately Madagascar, Sandra developed a sense of responsibility to expose how lives in the poorest countries can be improved by providing clean water and sanitation. To this aim, she will donate 10% of all sales directly to Wateraid and will be joined on the preview night by a guest speaker who will discuss the charitiy's initiatives and projects to implement clean water, sanitation programmes and provide local communities with hygiene education.
Sandra's work takes inspiration from the importance of colour in the world – her attraction from a young age to strong bold colours such as cobalt blue and a passion for water in all its forms, resulted, four years ago, in an impulse to externalise on canvas some deep and powerful emotions. Emphasising the importance of colour in linking the natural world with our imagination and creativity, Sandra's colour palettes are deeply inspired by nature and the essential element of life: Water.

Besides reaching the public's emotions, Sandra is also commited in making a difference through her work. The privileged world we live in, and particularly the way we waste water whilst people in developing countries have a scarcity of water has inspired her to create this body of work. This exhibition seeks to encourage people to support sustainable international development - the Wateraid Charity is close to Sandra's heart because of its direct involvement in Madagascar and communities in Latin America.

"We are a drop in the ocean" Your help can have a strong impact on many people´s lives. A little participation will go a long way.
Thank you for all your support, patience and good will"
Sandra Menant.

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